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Taavi stack3.jpg


Aus Ch Articmal Dynamic Illusion HT [Taavi]

Colour: black, white & tan | DOB: 23/12/08

Hip Results: 1/0 | Elbow Results: 0/0
prcd/PRA: carrier | Eye Tested: clear

Owned By: Kalevi Kennels

Available for stud: to approved bitches

Nicky and Comet1.jpg


Kalevi Blessed In Wonder [Comet]

Colour: black, tan & white | DOB: 16/08/10
Hip Results: tba | Elbow Results: tba
prcd/PRA: clear | Eye Tested: tba

Owned By: M Nyp (SA) & Kalevi Kennels

Available for stud: semen available to approved bitches

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